Our Vision

To improve transparency and accountability and to enhance the quality of police service delivery in Manitoba.

Our Mission

To ensure effective civilian oversight and a high standard of policing in Manitoba through partnerships with the public, police boards, police agencies and in consultation with stakeholders.

Manitoba Police Boards Annual Reports Now Available

All police boards and commissions in Manitoba are required by policy to submit an Annual Report to the Manitoba Police Commission.

The annual report includes a progress report on strategic objectives, highlights of activities, breakdown of police service spending including board member honoraria for the year, number and dates of all police board meetings held during the year and the minutes of all regular police board meetings.

There are 10 municipal police boards and one First Nation police commission in Manitoba as follows:

  • Altona Police Board (Altona Police Service)
  • Brandon Police Board (Brandon Police Service)
  • Cornwallis Police Board (Cornwallis Police Service)
  • Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council Police Commission (Manitoba First Nation Police Service)
  • Morden Police Board (Morden Police Service)
  • Riverdale Police Board (Rivers Police Service)
  • Springfield Police Board (Springfield Police Service)
  • Ste. Anne Police Board (Ste. Anne Police Service)
  • Victoria Beach Police Board (Victoria Beach Police Service)
  • Winkler Police Board (Winkler Police Service)
  • Winnipeg Police Board (Winnipeg Police Service)

The Police Board Annual Reports can be viewed here.

Police Boards

Police Boards are responsible for providing civilian governance respecting the enforcement of law, the maintenance of public peace and the prevention of crime in municipalities.

Civilian Monitors

A Civilian Monitor monitors investigations conducted by the Independent Investigation Unit to ensure the investigation follows the practices and procedures found in the regulations of The Police Services Act.

Ministerial Assignment

At the request of the Minister of Justice, the Manitoba Police Commission (MPC) may be assigned specific duties or research projects related to policing.


The MPC is responsible for providing advice to the Minister of Justice on regulations, dealing with the operation of police services and the conduct of police officers.